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    Welcome to San Diego Guitar Repairs!  

    Hi, my name is Don Vedda. I’m a professional touring guitarist with 15 years of experience in repairing & setting up guitars & basses. I've worked with guitar companies such as Acacia Custom Guitars, Abasi Concepts, & Vola Guitars for years as a setup/fretworking professional. I work out of my workshop in Escondido, offer the most affordable rates in San Diego, and have the fastest turnaround time in town.

    Right now we’re offering a special on guitar setups on any guitar or bass, at $50 each, which includes the following:
    *Truss Rod Adjustment (if needed)
    *Fret Polishing/Fretboard Conditioning
    *Guitar Cleaning & Polishing
    *Bridge Action Adjustment
    *Pickup Height Adjustment
    *& Restring (you provide strings of choice, or I can provide strings for a $10 additional charge for guitar and $20 for bass)

    *Pickup Installation
    *Electronics (Toggle Switches, Output Jacks, Pots, etc)-Tuner Installation
    *Nut Upgrade
    *Fret Levelling &Fretdressing
    *Fret Replacement/Refret
    *Replacing Missing Hardware/Screws
    *Installing Aftermarket Hardware

    *Repainting/Touch ups
    *Copper Shielding/Shielding Paint

    ***For a free consultation, more accurate/specific pricing, and workshop location, please call (760) 822-7443 or email me ! Looking forward to meeting you and having your guitar playing the best it ever played !!

    Please check out & follow @sdguitarrepairs on Instagram to see most recent