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    Welcome to San Diego Guitar Repairs!

    Hi, my name is Don Vedda and I’m a professional touring guitarist with 12 years of experience repairing, setting up, and intonating guitars and basses. I've worked with guitar companies such as Acacia Custom Guitars and Vola Guitars as a setup professional. I work with guitars and basses both electric and acoustic at my workshop in Escondido and offer the most affordable rates in San Diego with the fastest turnaround time in town.

    Right now I’m offering $50 guitar setups and restrings on any guitar or bass (even Floyd Roses!) which includes the following:
    -Truss Rod Adjustment
    -Fret Polish
    -Guitar Cleaning & Polish
    -Bridge Action
    -Pickup Height Adjustment
    -Restring (you provide strings of choice, or I can provide strings for a $10 additional charge)

    -Tuner Replacement/Repair
    -Nut & Saddle Work
    -Replacing Missing Hardware/Screws
    -Electronic Repair
    -Installing after market hardware
    -Repainting/Touch ups

    For a free consultation, please call (760) 822-7443 or email me at donvedda@donvedda.com!

    Follow @sdguitarrepairs on Instagram.